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  • Mt. Katahdin, Maine

The New Stuff Area

This area is for any new and late-breaking news. If I have any huuuuge information such as upcoming trips, etc. it will be located here.

In June and July I was in Granby, Colorado doing fire mitigation work with Team Rubicon.  I was also able to summit my first 14K mountain in Colorado.

In November 2022 I was in Port Charlotte, FL to assist with the cleanup from hurricane Ian.  

In June 2021 I hiked up Eagle Cliffs in Franconia Notch, NH to see "The Watcher".  
This site provides information on various things I have done that family, friends, and former co-workers seem to find interesting.  I have been inundating everyone with numerous large emails and needed to stop the insanity.  So, I created this web site to eliminate clogging up everyones email box.  Now I can send a short email, "Hey, I did something, if you are interested, feel free to check out my web page."  
This website is the result...enjoy!


Team Rubicon Volunteer

December 2018
I recently joined Team Rubicon which is a disaster relief organization.


April 2018
I recently joined Team Rubicon which is a disaster relief organization.

LXA Centennial Celebration at UNH

May 2019
100 years of LXA at the University of NH

Appalachian Trail

April - Sep 2013
Through-hiked the AT

Long Trail, VT

Aug - Sep 2015
I took 21 days and through-hiked the 279 mile Long Trail in Vermont.

Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina

Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
Attempted to climb Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina

Mt. Denali, Alaska

June 2014
Attempted to climb Mt. Denali, Alaska

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

November 2016
Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and did 3 one-day safaris.

New England Hiking

30+ years
There are 67 mountains in NH, ME and VT that are over 4,000 feet and another 33 peaks that don't quite reach 4,000 feet.  These are the New England Hundred Highest.  I completed these by climbing my last peak on 07 Oct 2018.

Pacific Crest Trail

April 2016
I attempted to hike the PCT.  Unfortunately, I only hiked a couple weeks and had to get off the trail due to injury.

Salmon River, Idaho

August 2017
Whitewater rafting trip to the Main Salmon River, Idaho

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

March 2018
I took a 9 day class and got my Wilderness First Responder Certification.

Hurricane Irma

Sep/Oct 2017
Four of us drove down to the Keys and helped a buddy clean up his house after Hurricane Irma.


This section has some short videos of places I have hiked or climbed.

Favorite Pictures

December 2018
I am not a professional photographer by any means.  However, if you take hundreds of photos you are bound to get a few good ones.  These are some of my favorites.


When I finished the AT, my mother said all her friends wanted to hear about the hike.  So, I prepared a presentation for the North Hampton Seniors group.  I have since prepared a couple other presentations for this group.

Training/Gear Information

This area has some information on what kind of training I do and what kind of equipment I use.on which is a disaster relief organization.

Website/Development Info

If you are curious about how I developed this website, there are some details here.


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