The guides and porters we had were very big on singing and dancing.  They would sing on the bus and sometimes in the morning before we hiked.  They were pretty funny and it was entertaining.  I did not see any other company doing this so I think it was unique for us.  If I haven’t done it already, I am going to add a video section to this website to share them.

The first night of our safaris we stayed at a luxury tented resort. Here are a couple pics of the tent I stayed in along with the lodge where we ate.

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The second night of our safaris we stayed at a luxury spa-type hotel.  It was really nice.  In both cases, we were the only 3 customers so had the tents and hotel to ourselves.

I forget what kind of tree this is but it was big and had enough space inside to sleep in.

Tanzania is definitely a third world country.  The average wages in the private sector are less than $200/month.

Here are some pictures of the houses and businesses which seemed pretty typical.

Outside the city, you could see Masai children tending to the goats and cows.  You would see really young kids, maybe 8-9 years old carrying sticks and watching the animals all day.  This picture is pretty typical.