This page has links to miscellaneous information on developing my website, training, gear, friends websites, etc.

Amy was in our group when I attempted Mt. Denali.  Amy rocks with the camera and takes great photographs – you can check out her work on her website.
I met Krispin on the AT somewhere around CT I think.  We kept running into each other and then ended up hiking together for most of NH and ME to finish the trail.  He has done a lot of interesting work and you can check his site out too.
I have never met Ron but he is a friend of a co-worker.  He has done a lot of hiking in his life and is one of only two living founders of national scenic trails.
Through my buddy Todd, I found this woman’s website. I believe she is a niece of one of my grade school teachers.  She has done some impressive hiking of the PCT and CDT.  Hopefully she can pull off the triple-crown and get the AT next.
Susan is a friend of mine from way back. She is taking some impressive photos. Check out her site and pick up this years calendar!