The reviews keep rolling in...

“Hey security, there he is again…that “Outback” guy!”

The New England Patriots ROCK!


You know Who I Am

“It’s clear that Mr. Smith never climbed or hiked anything he said he did. All the pictures were doctored and pulled off other web sites. This man is a FRAUD!!”

It is a long established fact that when someone who has a history of mental illness says anything it is ALL suspect.  Need we say more Mr. Smith?

Sean Spicer

Press Secretary

“Degenerate hikers such as “Outback” are a threat to the security of this country. He is clearly not a true Patriot.”

“I have heard from “reliable sources” that he doesn’t even own a gun.  Just look at his beard, it’s this kind of subversive element that we need to deport as soon as possible.”

Papa Smurf

Cartoonista Radicala

“The videos are pitiful, a 12 year could do better from a skateboard.”

- Roger Ebert


“The scope and breadth of the videos were outstanding. The subject matter is beautiful detailed and the nuanced film angles and editing really captures the essence of each shot.”

- Gene Siskel


“Mark, thank you so much for sharing these incredible adventures with me.  I look forward to seeing you again soon!”
– Sofia Vergara

“Hey Mark, remember that time we were in Vegas?  Yea, me neither…LOL  Loved the web site – keep hiking and climbing.”
– Bradley Cooper

“Mark, I am so glad you stopped by Camp David to say hello when you did the Appalachian Trail.  I am sorry the Secret Service was a little rough but we don’t usually have people approach the camp from the woods…”
– President Obama

“Mark, I know this is an old picture but you did say it was your favorite.  Loved the website!”
– Scarlett

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