Day: 138, 9/5/2013: Gorham, NH

8.0 miles hiked, I decided to stay in Gorham to resupply and because there were minimal spots to stop if I kept hiking. The night was rainy and cooler than it has been for quite a while. There was no rain while hiking but low clouds and wind occasionally. After an hour or so the sun came out and it was a nice short hike out. I caught up to a local guy who was just out for a couple hours of hiking and we chatted on the way down. He gave me a ride to Gorham which was nice.

This photo is deceptive.  I am holding the camera out in my arms and faced it straight down.  This is actually the trail.  You can just see my trekking pole in the center of the bottom part of the photo which is hanging down from my arms.  Very steep section.

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