NO.  The whole point of this web site was to stop clogging up everyone’s email box with my endless descriptions and pictures.  My only plans for email are to alert you that I might have done something new and include a link to my web site.

NO.  If I email you and let you know about some changes, it is completely up to you if you ever want to look at them.  It makes no difference to me.

YES – Absolutely.  I can delete your email address and never bother you again.

Easy, just send $5.00 by mail and I can delete away…LOL  Actually, just use the contact form below and in the body of the email ask me to remove your address.  It’s that simple!

Go ahead, take the plunge…it won’t hurt at all…

NOTE:  If you are currently receiving emails from me with announcements or notices, there is no need to subscribe again.  You are permanently on my contact list until you want me to take you off.

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