Exuma, April 2018

A bunch of friends and I went to Exuma in April 2018. The primary reason was to spread the ashes of our good friend Jeff “Jose” Knowles in the water. Exuma and was one of his and his wife’s favorite places to visit. The secondary reason to go was to have some fun which Jose would have appreciated! Below are a few pictures of the crew.

The place we stayed was only a mile or two from the airport right on the beach. There were 7 condos and we rented two of them. There was one other guy in another condo and the rest were empty for the whole time we were there. There was a hot tub, infinity pool and we were right on the ocean. As you can see from the pictures, the colors of the water were amazing! The weather was 75 – low 80’s very day and night. The pool and ocean were bathwater temperatures and you could stay in as long as you wanted. It was a very nice break from the winter.
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